Cultural Encounters

National Exhibition of Juego de Pelota (Ball Game)

Meet one of the symbolic practices of the pre-hispanic era. In this exhibition, you will be surprised by the strength and intelligence of the players. In addition, you will learn about the rules and meanings of what was one of the most emblematic rituals of the Totonaca culture.

Tanoktla, meeting of indigenous leaders

Discover the wisdom of traditional authorities. This meeting will analyze indigenous governance for good living. Representatives of 14 indigenous peoples will participate, as well as Tenek delegations from San Luis Potosí, mazahua from the Valley of Mexico and Mixteca from Oaxaca.

National Meeting of Traditional Cookers of Mexico

Enjoy traditional food and know the most representative ingredients of each state of the Mexican Republic. The guests at the Encuentro Nacional de Cocinas Trdicionales de México (National Meeting of Traditional Cookers of Mexico) will tell you about their experiences, dishes and traditions of their places of origin.

Meeting of artistic traditions shared by Cuba and Veracruz

Admire the artistic proposals of Cuba and Veracruz. The ties between Cuba and Veracruz will be strengthened with this meeting, in which you will learn about the Veracruz fandango and Cuban guateque with sones, zapateado, controversies of decimeros, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Cuban rhythms, danzón and trova, among other expressions.

Editorial sample in indigenous languages

Get closer to the most representative indigenous publications in Mexico. The meeting of publishers in indigenous languages will be the opportunity to learn about historical documents, literary and research about the indigenous peoples of our country and other places in the world.

VII International Exhibition "El Cine en la Cumbre"

Know the community projections with social sense. In the seventh edition of the International Exhibition “El Cine en la Cumbre” (Cinema at the Cumbre) you will not only appreciate films and short films, but you can also engage in dialogues with creators, directors, cultural managers, authorities and educators.

World Meeting of Traditional Medicine

Protect your physical and soul health with the knowledge of traditional doctors. At the world meeting of healers, witch doctors, midwives, temascaleros, sobadores and other exponents of traditional medicine you will learn about natural resources that help health and well-being.

Conversation of musicians and dancers of Totonacapan

It supports the preservation and dissemination of the dances of Totonacapan. With the dialogues in which traditional musicians and dancers participate, you will recognize their contributions and the challenges they face in the transmission of their legacy. You will also know the wide repertoire of dances that distinguish the region.

Indigenous Acrobatics Laboratory

Admire the most audacious acts of acrobatics that have their origins in the indigenous peoples. With the meeting of artists coming mainly from Veracruz, Guerrero and Oaxaca in the Indigenous Acrobatics Laboratory you will be able to verify one of the most deeply rooted and significant traditions of the prehispanic culture.

Exhibition Contemporary music festival for a better world

Fall in love with the musical instruments decorated with chaquira by indigenous teachers from Jalisco, from the wixárika people. You will be able to appreciate the techniques and meanings of one of the most important indigenous communities in Mexico. You can also know the depth of his spirit and cosmogony.

Sensory experiences

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of technology. Here you can see the virtual reality works of Veracruz and Mexican filmmakers related to the Voladores Ritual Ceremony, the 500 years of the founding of Veracruz and the original peoples of Mexico.

Encuentro Nacional de Practicantes de la Ceremonia Ritual de Voladores

Learn about the Safeguarding Plan for the Flying Ritual Ceremony. This national meeting is a forum for dialogue about the axes that have been formulated to protect one of the oldest rituals. The axes are: valuation, conservation, transmission, disclosure, protection and research.

Exhibition Contemporary music festival for a better world

Recognizes the cultural transmission efforts that are carried out in the Totonacapan Veracruz. This meeting will convene 132 young people from 18 municipalities of Totonacapan of Puebla and Veracruz to propose alternative intellectual development for the Totonaca youth.

LGBTIQ meeting, in co-production with the British Council

Identify the challenges that the LGBTIQ community faces today. The forum is one more way to sensitize society about the situation of one of the vulnerable groups with greater challenges in respecting their rights. The situation is aggravated if it is indigenous people.

Totonac singer, songwriters and poets encounter.

Be part of the artistic proposals that seek the harmony of the being through the totonac word. Music and poetry will come together to invite the appreciation of indigenous languages as bridges to bring together all human beings.