20 years flying high

Cumbre Tajin

The Festival of Identity celebrates twenty years flying high and is the main meeting point for dialogue between identities; the indispensable cultural reference that from the heart of Veracruz opens up to approach the original cosmovisions.
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The vast cultural and artistic offer of the Cumbre Tajín Festival, in its twentieth edition, is a unique experience. There will be exceptional encounters to show indigenous diversity, but also events that include the Voladores Ritual Ceremony and the unsurpassed work of the Center for Indigenous Arts.
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This edition will have music from Veracruz like traditional dances, huapangos and sones. In addition, there is a broad cast of Mexican musicians that includes symphonic music, singer-songwriters, techno fusion, pop, rock, rap, ska; music of the world; pre-Hispanic music, punk, electronic, indie pop, cumbia, tropical music and danzón.
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Do you know how to get to Cumbre Tajín? Do you know where to stay? Do you know the tourist sites that you can visit in the north of Veracruz? Here we present several options that can be useful and attractive
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