center for indigenous arts

Kantiyán / Big House of Wisdom Totonaca

Talk with the Grandmothers and Grandparents of Kantiyán, who guide and protect ancestral knowledge. You will acquire their wisdom and teachings, as well as learn their values and beliefs through the offerings and meetings that will be held with traditional leaders and authorities.

- Ceremonies

Witness the close relationship the Totonacs have with the deities. With the ceremonies you will participate in the various rites that the Totonacas hosts lead to thank for the received and to ask for the prosperity and well-being of the Festival's attendees.

Pumastakayawantachiwín / House of the blooming word

Learn about the space dedicated to preserving and sharing the Totonaca language. Here games, concerts, lectures and recitals will be held. Among the featured games are the Huracán y Tira, hit and find your gift, without forgetting the lottery in Tutunakú language.

Pukgaltawakga Likuchu / School of Traditional Medicine Totonaca

Practice the ancestral teachings at the School of Traditional Medicine Totonaca. You will visit the sample of medicinal plants, in addition to receiving various types of massage, clean and temascal in the Niche of Purification, which is the traditional place to acquire body and soul health.

Ix chik Latamat Panamak / House of the Cotton World

Knit and embroider with the traditional teachers of the Casa Mundo del Algodón (House of the Cotton World). You will learn the millenary practices on the clothing of the Totonaca culture and the importance of the tissues inherited by generations. You will also have contact with the cotton plant and its benefits.

Pu makaskujni xla lhtamananin li tutunaku / Totonaca Traditional Pottery House

Learn the techniques of modeling with pottery teachers womans. Through workshops, talks and guided tours, you will learn about the experience of mud making according to the Totonaca tradition. You will also appreciate the works and findings derived from the practice of pottery that is transmitted over time.

Pulakgtawakga / House of Traditional Dances

Appreciate the practices of the inhabitants of Totonacapan Veracruz. In the House of Traditional Dances you will get to know the roots and elements of the Voladores Ritual Ceremony through the exhibition Ka'unin / Between Winds. You will also talk with the youngest Flyers of the Indigenous Arts Center.

Ix chik 'kan Tlagnanin / House of Music

Be part of the rhythmic tradition that distinguishes the Totonaca culture in the Casa de la Música (House of Music). You will participate in workshops of popular dances: danzones, waltzes, sones, corridos and double steps and you will attend musical presentations where the community, made up of students, teachers and parents will create a whole party.

Kxpumalakaxtukán takatsín / House of Representation Art

Presence of community plays, generally inspired by legends and representations of the Totonaca universe. In the House of Art of Representation you will be part of the indigenous cosmogony that uses all kinds of artistic resources to attract you to its stage.

Ix chik litlawat tawá / Totonaca Traditional Coisine House

Immerse yourself in the heart of Totonacan homes by visiting the Totonaca Traditional Coisine House. You will enjoy dishes cooked under the blessing of the Señor del Monte (Lord of the Mountain) and seasoned with the love and skill of the Mujeres de Humo (Women of Smoke). This group of traditional cooks will welcome you with open arms.

Pumánin / Painting House

Admire the pictorial works made with natural dyes that show the Totonaca worldview and everyday life. In the House of Painting you will have the opportunity to approach the processes that turn nature into colors and textures, through workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions.

Púxwakni xla makgspuxtu Listakayawan / House The Heart of Wood

Know the space where artisanal and sculptural works are exhibited when visiting Casa El Corazón de la Madera (House The Hearth of the Wood). You will become an expert when carving toys, utensils, masks, among other objects that you can take home. You can also talk with artists from other communities.

Pulakgatayan / Community Tourism House

Travel, with the guidance of the hosts, the Center for Indigenous Arts. In the House of Community Tourism will be organized the walks through the different Houses-School of Tradition that the Totonaca community has opened for you to immerse yourself in their universe.

Pumakgpuntumintakatsín / House of Media and Diffusion

Meet the short films and radio productions that make the Totonaca culture known. In the House of Media and Diffusion you will participate with your testimony about the experience of the Cumbre Tajín Festival. Whether in radio or video you will be part of the collective memory of the Festival of Identity.

Katuxawat / House of the Earth

Integrate to the actions that seek the care of the environment through the House of the Earth. You will participate in ecological initiatives when carrying out recycling workshops and guided visits to learn traditional Totonac techniques of nature care.

Xatakatsin Limaxkagkgentastakat / School of Indigenous Museology

Witness the museographic proposals that the Totonacapan has developed in the School of Indigenous Museology. You will visit several exhibitions that give an account of the processes and results of artistic life that originate in the Totonac communities.