Takilhsukut park events

kid's summit


Visit this stage where a wide range of children's shows will be presented. In Xanatlín you will see musical, theatrical, dance, storytelling and clown shows with the participation of international, national, state and regional groups.


Take the little ones to the Kid's summit workshops to have a great time. In the nests you will find storytellers, exhibitions, workshops and games designed to entertain children. You can accompany your children while they take a traditional workshop or any activity that takes place there.

dancer's plaza

Totonacapan traditional dances

Bear witness to the participation of around 1,200 Totonac dancers, representing at least 60 groups of dancers. There will be dances from Papantla, Coatzintla, Espinal, Coxquihui, Chumatlan, Zozocolco, Coyutla, Filomeno Mata, Coahuitlán and Mecatlán, among others.


Deepen in the community art through the codices that present some Totonaca population. They will share the story of how they came to the festival, how their bonds and challenges have come about and how their dance has been rethought over time in the framework of Cumbre Tajín.

Exhibition of traditional dances' costumes

Learn about the research work to save the original dress of the Totonacapan dances. You will be part of the recovery process to resignify, the history, the elements and the symbols of the original costumes, through an exhibition of the traditional costumes of the Totonacapan dances.



Create, build and be amazed with the crafts that you can create with your own hands and creativity. The Workshops Area is a tradition that invites inspiration to connect with the sense of belonging of the Totonacapan. You can attend artistic, traditional, contemporary, movement and rhythm activities.


Niche of Aromas and Flavors

Find the place where the members of the Totonaca House of Cooking demonstrate their gastronomic skills. You will feed your body, mind and spirit with the aromas and flavors that emerge from the stoves and pots of the Totonacapan cooks.

niche of grastronomy

Eat with the vast culinary offer of different international, national and local suppliers that focuses on the Gastronomic Niche. Here you will find a wide range of gastronomic possibilities that will give you the energy to tour the Takilhsukut Park and undertake the greatest number of activities.

niche of the uv

Receive relevant facts on the indigenous peoples and their status in the UV niche. In partnership with the Universidad Veracruzana, this space is a place of tradition to carry out dialogues and meetings in which knowledge is privileged. You can be part of the history that is being built with each edition of Tajín Summit.

- Juan Simbrón Auditorium

It gives time to conferences and talks about the indigenous situation. In the Juan Simbrón Auditorium of the UV Niche there will be editorial presentations, conferences, exhibitions, screenings, research and educational projects. It will also host the Conversation of dancers and musicians of Totonacapan.

- Esperanza Dionisio Cinema Room Refresh yourself while you watch a film of the VII International Exhibition "Cinema at the Summit" in the Esperanza Dionisio Cinema Room. You will expand your cinematic tastes with the works with social meaning that will be presented at the Festival. You can also dialogue with its creators in an atmosphere of friendship.

niche of purification

Learn about the wide range of options for your health in the Niche of Purification. Here you will heal your body and soul with the diversity of prayers, massages, temascales, among other Totonacan therapies. Or, you can invoke good omens with cleanses, corn readings and other protections.

peace village


Experience the sense of communion that only percussion provides through Tamborama. In this space you can integrate harmony and expressive energy guided by drum healers. There will also be yoga classes for children and healing sessions from other disciplines.

the path of Xanath

Meet one of the most moving legends of the Totonacapan in Veracruz in the Village of La Paz. You will make a sensory journey through the magical world of vanilla from one of the love stories that is transmitted from generation to generation in the Totonac peoples.

indigenous acrobatics lab

Be amazed with the skills of the indigenous acrobats in the Plaza de la Maroma in La Aldea de la Paz. You will be surprised with the most intrepid acts of the practitioners of this art that come from Veracruz, Oaxaca and Guerrero. You can also appreciate their peculiar clothes that will encourage you to photograph them.

art  sale expo

artisans' summit

Come and know the great artisan wealth of Totonacapan, other regions of Mexico and countries invited through the Artisians' Summit. In its fourteenth edition, in the Plaza de las Artes you will appreciate and acquire works of indigenous talent not only from Veracruz but also from other places.

art installations

Casa Xanath Discover why vanilla is of vital importance in the development of the Totonaca culture. Casa Xanath will transmit and preserve the history of this flower, as well as you can participate in workshops and have a meeting with representatives of the Tlahuica language.

- Trapiche

Savor the juice of the cane and the piloncillo that is extracted naturally in the courtyard of Casa Xanath. You will meet one of the few families that preserve the trapiche tradition aided by a horse as in the times of yesteryear and you will be delighted with the incomparable flavor of panela.

Makaskujnín / galleria shop

Acquire the products that the teachers and students of the Center for the Indigenous Arts elaborate during the year in the different Casas-Escuela de Tradición. You can choose and buy the crafts that you like or just admire the pieces in this space that is located in the Nicho del Encuentro.

green areas

Zapote tree

Celebrate the twenty years of Cumbre Tajín in the company of your family and friends in the Zapote Tree. You will dance, sing and have fun with the most diverse musical, dramatic, children and youth cast that will be presented around the magical stage.

Ixlitlawan Limatlawanin / the pathway of the creators

Support the diffusion of values that help a better society, through the social project The walk of the creators. Thanks to the diversity of activities, within the framework of this initiative, you can be part of the Festival's memory. Your participation is important!

art installations

Take photographs of the facilities that are placed in the Takilhsukut Park. You will learn the proposals of the Totonac artists, who capture their own artistic perspective and communicate it using elements that nourish and give life to their culture, such as stars, fabrics, clay figures, candles, and so on.